High Tech AND High Touch

Aging and technology. From Jibo’s Blog at http://blog.myjibo.com/

Jibo Blog

Two of the most undeniable trends in our world today are the unprecedented aging demographics and the ever-increasing pace of technology innovation.

In the past 100 years, we have added 30 years to average life expectancy and the 85+ age group is the fastest growing segment of the population. By 2050, the population of centenarians is projected to reach nearly 6 million. It’s a whole new – and increasingly grey – world. At the same time, we are seeing shortages across the board in aging-related care professions including geriatricians, certified nurse assistants and home care aides.

In today’s connected world, technology is streamlining businesses processes, enabling new business models and changing the way people interact with each other. We have seen technology transform industries and the demographic imperative ahead of us is forcing individuals, families, communities and countries to think in new ways about new models and opportunities at the…

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~ by Roberto Pieraccini on July 15, 2014.

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