The Voice in the Machine is Alive

Hello there. A couple of months after the publication of my book, The Voice in the Machine: Building Computers that Understand Speech, I decided to start a new blog on the same theme. Having the fortune of working at ICSI, the International Computer Science Institute,  one of the few independent advanced research places where  computer speech, language, and AI research is still vivid and unfettered (together with many other disciplines, such as networking, security, neurosciences, bio-informatics, and computer architectures), and being computers that understand speech one of my lifetime loves, I will use this blog to collect my notes and my points of view on the evolution of the science and technology of what i like to call “talking machines”. Having the additional fortune of having worked on both sides of the research-industry chasm for more three decades, I will do my best to put down into words my presumably unbiased point of view on the related science, technology, and business. Talk to you soon…stay tuned.

~ by Roberto Pieraccini on June 16, 2012.

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